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Physical Design Optimization

In the field of computer-aided design for VLSI(Very Large Scale Integrated circuits), physical design optimization is concerned with power consumption, chip area and performance of circuits. For a long time, physical design optimization was not an issue. However, because of improved fabrication technology, recently circuit designs are becoming much denser from PCB (Printed Circuit Board) based system to SoC (System-on-Chip) level. As SoC level chip contains various modules in a single chip, design complexity become exponentially increased and this makes big issue for achieving good performance.

Our lab (CSDL) research physical design optimization as based on participating ISPD Contest, ICCAD Contest. Each contest published by each conference ISPD(International Symposium of Physical Design) and ICCAD(International Conference of Computer-Aided Design). Each contest is held every summer and winter season annually. Various research papers are published on ISPD and ICCAD based on contest result. Our recent paper was published on DAC(Design Automation Conference) 2017 based on ICCAD 2015 contest