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Quantum Computing

With the promises to surpass the performance of classical computer, quantum computing (QC) has bright future as new computing paradigm. Quantum computer can provide exponential speed up and compute capacity, and solve the intractable problems in existing computer. Along with the rapid development of quantum computing, real quantum hardware has been created to execute the quantum algorithm directly. Now, quantum hardware has reached the noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) era and it can represent more states than supercomputer. However, NISQ devices (e.g., IBM QX architectures, Google processor) have several problems such as fidelity and limited qubit resources. In addition, the ideal quantum algorithm cannot be executed directly in the real quantum devices.

Based on this topic, we have attempted the followings:

(1) Efficient mapping of quantum circuits to real architectures: We propose a method to generate more optimal initial mapping, and also find better heuristic mapping while satisfying gate constraints.

(2) Simulation of quantum computations: Graph-partitioning-based approach for fast quantum circuit simulation